We would love for you to be our guest at worship! You are welcome here. We really mean that. We are not asking you to do anything other than come and see. Come and see real people who follow an inclusive God who gives radical Grace so that we can be on a path of inspired growth. We want to share the joy of being in community together!

Considering a visit?  Watch this!

When you do come, please introduce yourself to Pastor Ben and Pastor Brian. 
They want to get to know you!

 Weekend Worship Schedule:


  5:00 p.m.- Country Western and Gospel Worship


  8:00 a.m.- Traditional Lutheran Worship

  9:30 a.m.- Blended Celebration Worship

11:00 a.m.- Contemporary Worship

✅ Wear whatever you want.

✅ Drink coffee in the sanctuary.

✅ Meet some great people.

✅ Listen to a relevant sermon from Pastor Ben or Pastor Brian.


See you soon!

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